Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine platforms are the quickest and most cost effective way of expanding the usable floor space in your commercial or industrial building.


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If your warehouse or factory has a high ceiling, mezzanine platforms could be the answer. 

A great way of making the best possible use of your property’s height, our mezzanine platforms are safe and stable and are usually fitted out with fire proofing, lighting, power and heat.

It is very difficult to estimate a price for your mezzanine floor because everybody has specific requirements, but here is a rough guideline:

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Commerical and Industrial Racking Systems in Essex
5 metre x 5 metre 
in plan view

Estimate: £4,000.00
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10 metre x 10 metre 
in plan view

Estimate: £10,500.00
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20 metre x 20 metre 
in plan view

Estimate: £22,700.00
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Straight single flight staircase:

Part K (2013) utility staircase consisting of 1,000mm wide treads with distinguishable nosings, closed risers and handrail to both sides.

Estimate: £1,100.00
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Edge protection: 1 x (standard):

1,100mm high with hand and knee rails complete with a 100mm high kick plate.

Estimate:  £35.00 per linear metre
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All stated costs are exclusive of VAT that will be applied at the rate ruling at date of supply.
All the above are subject to our standard terms & conditions of sale which are available on request.

A bespoke quote

Given the specific nature of a company’s requirements, we will carry out a full consultation and survey of your property.

We will find a way to utilise the space in your building to improve productivity and functionality.

So don’t delay, give us a call now and we would be happy to have a chat with you about your project.

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